the purest emperor
a heart of gold
a soul of platinum
he is la lune
the star of heaven,
royal beauty bright



roleplay blog for the character Kuchiki Byakuya from BLEACH. established july, 2012. written by abigail. all fandoms/interactions welcome. selective.

*offers chicken soup and bags of numbing cough drops* Hope you feel better soon hon, sorry you're sick. Take care of yourself

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Leans over and reaches out a hand, a single forefinger gently touching the top of the man's head before it pulls away slightly and the giant smiles.


    IS CONVINCED HE JUST NARROWLY ESCAPED IMPALEMENT (though it wouldn’t be the first timebesides, the giant metal figure had never imposed ill-will before, why start now? It was an expression of innocence, bordering on NAIEVETE, he should only hope the ATTRACTION be upon those that posed minds just as open. 


"… And hello
  to you as well.”


Cherry blossoms 1°N // Japan 


Cherry blossoms 1°N // Japan 


    Habitual SUICIDE (the ravenette rarely investigated cause of death, merely, took care of the events post the bodily decay)-- little remorse given, when the other approaches he declines as such. The beautified ravenette does not take kindly to the AIR SURROUNDING THIS MAN.

"Smoking is a filthy habit."


    INCONVENIENCE posed an understatement; beautified countenance solely of the ravenette posed familiar contempt (human narcissism was so profound). Churning, aggravated reiatsu fought aggressively against bounds (an alabaster luminescence shone disturbing equality with the complexion of its master) BINDING SPELLS WERE OVERRATED AND HE HAD A DEADLINE.


"… And what do you mean
  to accomplish by this, exactly?”


    Would a NUISANCE ever give? Persistence admirable, in circumstances unalike to the present predicamentALABASTER VISAGE internalizing the route of seizing the LIGAMENTS that held the other countenance upright.


"… My methods of deterring
  from your person are in no way
  meant to encourage that you
         seek me out again.”


(by noriaki maeda) - *ようこそ。 on We Heart It.


(by noriaki maeda) - *ようこそ。 on We Heart It.

    outof. i apologize for not getting to those starters yet tonight guys. i really wanted to, but i got caught up in a new theme instead.


    Aura of GRACE and sophistication unmet; acquaintance (or lack thereof) with crimson haughtiness yielded steely bitterness within obsidian gaze. Overbearing visage, per-say, founded upon an UNFLINCHING TOWER OF IVORY; contrast of opaque covering with unblemished ALABASTER— beautified by exquisitely, naturally contour’d complexion of REMARKABLE pleasantry. Exposure posed its limitations, elongated PEDESTAL ceasing in its presentation at the overlap of the dark garment positioned at his breast; in perfectly equated coloration with the MIDNIGHT VOID crowning the PORCELAIN PULCHRITUDE

"You have very little to gain
  by threatening someone such as I.”


‹▋◤itanium◢▋› she arches a brow.The arrogance that was spat from the man was breath-taking…Yet, it almost throws into uncontrollable laughter, who was he to tell her what to do.  Her optics met his and she ponders upon what he thinks as she does. The seemingly condescending nature of the man leads her to think he more than not disgusted she ‘dared to’ continue staring. His porcelain flesh is alarmingly pale, however not a blemish in sight. Steel gray oculars sure enough dictated he was raised from higher standing

              “Should it matter to me if I earn you spite—?
                       It seems I already have, besides,
                       you have a concerning complexity to your skin tone.” 


    Understated disregard; familiar speech promoting great AVERSION (etiquette untaught)HUMAN NARCISSISM (the pinkette a fine specimen). The ravenette thus, the REALITY OF THEIR FINALITY (the MORNINGSTAR, THE UNFLINCHING TOWER OF IVORY, THE PRIZE’D JEWEWL OF THE CREATOR) he was GRACE’D, ordained with the intellect, the properties, the AWARENESS to look upon her face with CONTEMPT.

"I deduce from your lack of respect
 that you pose little concern for your reputation.”

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